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Frequently Asked Questions

Adoption Process

Yes. All animals get fully vaccinated before they will leave our shelter. They also get titer tests done.

Neutering is important to us to help prevent more puppies and kittens from coming into the world. Our aim is to have all animals neutered before adoption. If that’s not possible, for example due to the timing of available transport, Koda’s Mission wants to contribute to neuter fees in the country of the adopter.

Yes. For each animal we ask for an adoption fee of €350,-. This contributes to the animals’ vaccinations, titer test, passport and transport. We also like to include a small contribution to our shelter, to help us keep our animals well cared for.

Currently, our focus is to adopt our animals out to Germany and the Netherlands. That’s where our (foster) network is and how we can best keep track of our animals. Some of our dogs have been adopted out to England and America, but it’s a lot harder to arrange as the country’s laws and transport options need to allow it. Please always apply for adoption when interested in an animal so we can look at the options together!

Someone from our network transports the animal to Europe. We like to arrange the specifics of picking up the animal in consultation with the adopter.

Yes, go to for more information on our fostering program!