On March 5th 2022, Yannick left Germany and made his way towards Ukraine, without knowing what to expect. His goal: take care of animals in Ukraine and save as many as possible from the war.

Since the beginning of war in Ukraine, Yannick has made it his mission to do everything he possibly can to help the animals, all of them are innocent victims during these horrible times. Due to a few incidents, the veterinary office at the Polish border now only allows animals to travel into Europe accompanied by their owners, leaving street- and shelter animals in a limbo. Since bringing animals to safety now takes a lot of organization and time, Yannick thought about how he could relieve the animals of all the stress of their difficult journeys. 

He chose the location of his shelter to be near the Polish border, in order to offer them a safe and secure resting place. His rescue is a place where animals who are transported by other organisations can temporarily stay to recover from their long travels before continuing their journey. It provides animals with a place to decompress and to receive all the necessary treatment, before their onward journey to the start of their new lives.

Besides running his shelter, Yannick frequently drives into recaptured Ukraine cities to pick up injured and homeless animals, and to deliver aid from the border deeper into the country. As many are struggling to feed their pets, the suffering is immense. That’s why he also sets up feeding stations in the streets, which are vital to keeping at least some from starving to death. He has launched a community initiative which sees locals refilling the feeding stations installed by him, to help the Ukrainian stray population.

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Shelter Operations Manager


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