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Yannick sat for hours in front of the live news stream at the beginning of the Russian war against Ukraine. He had never visited Ukraine before and had no personal connection to the country. Still, he could not stop watching.

“The animals have no chance of surviving on their own.”

On March 5th 2022, Yannick left Germany and made his way towards Ukraine, without knowing what to expect. His goal: take care of animals and save as many as possible from the war.

He spent his first few weeks helping different animal rescue organizations, until he decided to continue his efforts on his own. 


In April, he found himself in Bucha, together with his friend Robin. Among a field of destroyed Russian tanks, and bodyparts of Ukrainians who sadly lost their lives, he found a dog. As they started interacting with this dog, they immediately bonded.

As they were getting ready to leave the area, the dog jumped straight into their car when Yannick opened the door. ‘It was like he was saying: I’m coming with you!


Koda has become my soulmate dog who travels with us on all rescue missions. He is one of the first dogs who started this for us, and one of the reasons why we continue our fight to save as many animals as possible. 


Our work so far

You have helped to make this possible

Because of your support, we have achieved a lot since we came to Ukraine in March of 2022:

  • Help over a hundred dogs get to safety into foster- and adoptive homes, specialized clinics or foundations
  • Make sure that over a thousand dogs and cats have enough food and care, by providing over fifty tons of food and medical supplies to animal shelters all across Ukraine
  • Install feeding stations for stray animals in several large Ukrainian cities, and deliver humanitarian aid from the border into different parts of the country
  • For the last months, ensure that around 65 animals in our shelter continuously have a safe roof over their heads