• Non-Profit Organization, Shelter and Rescue

The Team



Since the start of war, Yannick has made it his mission to do everything he can to help the animals of Ukraine. Koda’s Mission all began with him, as he founded and runs the shelter by himself, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yannick also leads all rescue missions across the country.



Having been involved since the beginning, Evelien works on ‘behind the scenes’ magic for Koda’s Mission on things such as fundraising, website maintenance, video editing, copywriting, design and marketing. She also runs the official foundation for Koda’s Mission from The Netherlands.


Pawject Manager

Koda manages to steal the heart of everyone he meets. A loyal friend, he’ll join Yannick in whatever he has going on, whether that’s lengthy roadtrips, rescue missions or a rare moment to relax together.

He welcomes all new dogs to the shelter and shows them around, and teaches puppies how things are done. Toy-tester, food-taster, he ensures that everything at the shelter is top quality. There is nothing he can’t do!


Animal Rescue & Shelter Operations

Moritz has been making frequent roundtrips to Ukraine to deliver aid, both humanitarian and for animals. Having the same vision and urge to help out as much as he can, Moritz has been an incredible force to join Koda’s Mission. He frequently joins Yannick on rescue missions, brings us much needed supplies or helps out at the shelter.


Animal Rescue & Shelter Operations

Robin has been involved in humanitarian relief for years. Seeing the images of Ukraine on the news, he had to go and help. He gathers supplies and drives around the country, either on his own or joining the Koda’s Mission team. To him, every life counts. The dogs he finds on his trips in need of urgent help, often find their way to our shelter for safety.