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Koda’s Mission East Ukraine Trips

Koda’s Mission’s small team frequently travels all across Ukraine, with multiple cars and trailers packed with as much supplies as we can. We go as far east as possible, to the Kharkiv, Kramatorsk and Donetsk region to provide help for animals and people in the area who are suffering because of the war. The destruction we see is unreal. 

We bring aid in the form of food, feeding stations, insulated huts, medicine and more to those who desperately need it. We also evacuate animals from conflict zones to safer areas. If needed and possible, we provide on-site treatment. The worst cases come back to the shelter with us.

We are inviting you to become a part of our life-saving missions! You can place a bag of food in our van, put fuel in our tanks or help us place feeding stations for stray animals in the streets. Find out more below.

Become a part of our journey!

Contribute to provide aid to the people and animals suffering in East Ukraine.


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We are passionate. We work day and night in sometimes less than desirable conditions to ensure the animals in our care are safe and healthy, as well as to make sure that the animals we save are rescued quickly and efficiently. If possible, we provide on-site treatment. The worst cases come back to the shelter with us.

Please help us get a reliable new animal rescue van!

Our rescue’s van, which has made numerous round trips around Ukraine and has driven thousands of kilometers, is constantly breaking down.

It has helped us to bring hundreds of animals to safety. But for months now, it’s been having issues that continuously needed repair. Due to this, the van has become very unreliable.

We travel close to Ukraine’s frontline areas and cannot afford to get stuck there with broken down van. That is why we are now seeking to upgrade to something more reliable and safer for both ourselves and the animals!

Find our special GoFundMe page below: