With winter approaching, thanks to your ongoing support our shelter dogs will be warm and happy. Unfortunately… not all dogs will be that lucky.

It’s early October and it’s already getting colder in Ukraine, temperatures already fell below 0 degrees. We have limited capacity, and as hard as it is, we can’t take all animals back to our shelter. Thousands of cats and dogs are suffering during these temperatures. Many of who lost their homes, caused by the war. We found a cheap way to provide many of them a safe and warm place to sleep and rest! 


For just €60,- we are able to build an insulated hut that can save a life during the winter. It’s durable enough to last many years! At the end of October, our team will do a trip to the liberated areas in eastern Ukraine, just a few kilometres away from the frontline. We will bring tons of animal food, and as many of these insulated huts as we can fit into our cars! We also intend to collaborate with local animal rescuers who will monitor the huts and look after them.

Buy a House and keep the cats and dogs of Ukraine warm this winter!

Be a part of saving lives, by getting into “Lifesaving Real Estate” 


A big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far. We have temporarily paused the donation form to buy a hut. These next weeks we are catching up on building all of the huts so generously donated by all of you.

Donating specifically to the hut project will become available again in January. In the meantime, please take a look here for other ways you can support Koda’s Mission:

You can be a part of saving lives, by getting into “Lifesaving Real Estate“

Buy a House to keep the cats and dogs of Ukraine warm this winter! When you donate, you can add a message of peace, that we will write on the house as a sign of hope and support for the people of Ukraine. (It is a lovely way to honor someone too!) Each house will get a unique number – it will also be photographed and placed on a special online map, so you will know the exact location of your house. That way you can show friends and family that you are a proud owner of “Lifesaving Real Estate”.

Please support us by being a part of this unique project, and don’t forget to share this video! Thank you!