• Non-Profit Organization, Shelter and Rescue

Our shelter is a safe haven and place where not only our own team, but dedicated animal lovers and volunteers from all over the world share their commitment to help the animals of Ukraine during this terrible time of conflict.

For many animals, the consequences of the war so far are enormous. There are animals who are the direct victims of war: dogs and cats that are burnt or disabled from the shelling. Terrified pets who found themselves on the streets, as their owners fled the fighting and sadly left them behind. And then there are the countless street animals, defenseless to all that is going on around them. We have seen it all.

Sadly, the war is far from over. But despite the challenges that come with this… Koda’s Mission has stayed. Our goal is to keep helping as much as we can.

We want to buy our own land to build a long-term shelter, so we can grow our abilities to rescue, rehabilitate, spay and neuter as many animals as possible. 

Koda's Mission Shelter

Where animals can rehabilitate, be happy and free.