Become a volunteer

Volunteering for Koda’s Mission is a wonderful way to show your support and play a role in our mission to give stray dogs in Ukraine the chance to live a healthy, happy life. As a small team, we’re incredibly grateful for the time and expertise our volunteers are able to contribute. We are ALWAYS looking for passionate people to join our small team! 

It takes a bunch of dedicated people to keep a small, busy animal rescue running. Some volunteer work can even be done remotely. Check out some of the many ways you can help below or fill-out our volunteer application and tell us about your special skill or how you’d like to help! 

Rescue work is not always straightforward, so we ask that you can be flexible and that you have previous experience in handling animals. The general aim is to improve the situation of animals who came from warzones, or were previously living on the streets.

This is a great opportunity for volunteers of any age who are passionate about animals and want to spend time volunteering at an animal shelter. Give your love and care to animals that have been abandoned or injured and are in direct need of help. We welcome volunteers from all over the world!

Fill out our Volunteer Application Form today!

Remote volunteering

If you are unable to come and join in person, we are also looking for remote volunteers - People who would like to help us to continue our mission, by using their skills to keep the shelter running. Think of skills such as Graphic Design, Video Editing, Fundraising, Copywriting, Web Help, sharing Veterinary knowledge or Dog training knowledge or helping with Foster Coordination.

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